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Sophia Coppola Feminism

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 18, 2007

Donna writes about white upper-class privileged feminists in her blog The Silence of Our Friends:

The middle class white American feminists at Pandagon are talking about globe trotting and mingling with the natives, and are blind to the fact that most people in America can’t afford to do that. But wooooooooooo some poor person, benjb, comes along and spoils their fun and watch the fireworks. The dumbest of dumbasses over there goes on to say that since benjb is “privileged” enough to own a computer he has no right to say anything. If Sofia Coppola Feminism ever makes it into a dictionary I don’t think it would be necessary to give a definition, a picture of Amanda would suffice. No other feminist is quite this quick and willing to jump down the throat of anyone who dares confront her or any other middle class white American woman on her privilege.


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