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Hip-Hop Made Imus Do It!

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 14, 2007

Darren Hutchinson, blogging on, comments on the latest wrinkle in the Imus controversy:

This has been the primary argument advanced by defenders of Imus — how dare Sharpton condemn Imus but not hip hop for its misgony and other offenses. Pat Buchanan is the latest person to make such arguments, in an argument which argues that Imus was “lynched.” Of course, this is a “reverse discrimination” argument in disguise. It goes like this: black people get to do things that white people cannot do; blacks can call black women ho’s but not white men; this is unfair and is akin to an antiwhite lynching. Whites are the victims of discrimination; criticizing racism harms whites. Sounds familiar, right? I see one major factual problem with this argument in this setting: SHARPTON HAS IN FACT CRITICIZED HIP HOP! And often.


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