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The PoPo: Protecting the Public From Fussy Six Year Olds and Abused 13 Year Olds

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 11, 2007

Belledame222, of the blog Fetch me my axe, comments on the arrest of a six year old for throwing a “tantrum” and the imprisonment of an abused 13 year-old prostitute:

Via Vox Aemliae: think the Shaquanda Cotton case was outrageous? Now they’re arresting kindergarteners, no shit:

Well, apart from the beatings and emotional blackmail (details at the link, it is upsetting) and the various abuses by -everyone else- who ever had “responsibility” for the thirteen year old and her not having anyplace else to go, no particular reason.

Oh, well, except for this: she’s still subject to arrest by the State. Prostitution is against the law, you know. And no, her age doesn’t make for any more tender treatment.


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