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Kevin Powell on Don Imus

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 11, 2007

Mark Anthony Neal, of the blog NewBlackMan, posts a response from Kevin Powell on the recent Imus controversy:

“Now, is Don Imus the problem by himself? Of course not, which is why I think calls for his dismissal are rooted purely in emotionalism and miss the larger issues here. Bigger problem number one is a federal government and a corporate hierarchy that have allowed destructive and despicable images and words regarding women to be transmitted, without any real regulation, for far too long, to the point where someone like Don Imus believes it okay to refer to women as “hos” on a nationally syndicated radio show heard by millions. Bigger problem number two is the American society we’ve become where, for the sake of profit and audience size, personalities, commentators, and pundits are allowed to spew all manner of hateful rhetoric, even as such language unwittingly reinforces negative stereotypes, perpetuates individual and mass bigotry, and wounds the self-esteem of the targeted recipients.”

One Response to “Kevin Powell on Don Imus”

  1. Mark Harrison said

    I agree with everything that Mr. Powell said and I will add that if you look at how easy it is for this gentleman and others who throw out words like “bitch” and “ho” when refering to Black women it’s incredible. When it is unnamed defenseless groups like the Rutgers team, who weren’t even listening, you will see the cowardice that has permiated through our society at work. I maintain that if someone were to refer to a daughter, a mother, wife or a sister in this fashion there would be fighting. Of course no one thinks of their own mother as a Ho even if she were one. For the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone would think that a Black Queen wouldn’t find it offensive to be called a “nappy headed ho” especially by a white male. This would make even the most stauch Uncle Tom or Thomasina to get angry. We have a responsibility in this also, as Blackmen we are charged with protecting our Sister better and not siding with those who degrade them even if it is we who are the perpetrators.

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