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(Dis)agreements on Abortion

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 7, 2007

Bean, of the blog A Bird And A Bottle, writes about her disagrement with Amanda Marcotte of the blog Pandagon who agrees with Catlin Falnagan:

Flanagan’s suggestion that out of wedlock children and their mother don’t face any stigma is also laughable. Certainly there are some women who choose to become single mothers who don’t face much hardship. They’re in the minority and they’re older, whiter, and richer than the vast majority of single mothers. Single mothers often face struggles particular to their singlehood, including but not limited to increased difficulty finding childcare, working a full-time job, or finishing school. To say that becoming a single mother today imposes no special burdens is to ignore everyone but the thirty-something unmarried white women who decide to go it alone — the only women Flanagan seems to know.


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