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BJP “Feminists”

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 3, 2007

Krish blogs about the hypocrisy of calling oneself a feminist and being a member of the ultra-nationalistic BJP party in India in his blog Krishworld Politics:

I have come across many Indian women who claim that they are out there in the world to eradicate male chauvinism. The same women (who are from the privileged castes of the society) support BJP unabashedly. I find this highly hypocritical. I have high regard for real feminists. But I consider these pseudo-feminists as the cheapest group of people. BJP is a party which considers Rama to be the gold standard. Rama, the last time I heard about him, made his wife walk through fire to prove her “purity”. It seems he did that to shut the mouths of people who, in their own male chauvinistic way, questioned the “purity” of Sita.


3 Responses to “BJP “Feminists””

  1. probably you dont understand Ramayana. Its your ignorance. Learn logic.

  2. And BJP’s support for Rama temple has much wider aims then you are thinking. Read koenraad Elst’s literature on the issue.

  3. would love to see your comments on my blog as well

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