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Someone Else’s Problem

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 29, 2007

N. (from Bangolore, India) blogs about an encounter she had with a publisher from a feminist publishing house in her blog Noah’s Ark Broken:

I find it disturbing that the representative of a feminist publishing house is not clear about what feminism means, not to the world at large but even just to them. That she gets defensive about the word ‘feminist’. That three other writers with her believe that “women like us” don’t have “such problems” therefore, women like us don’t have to write about them. I find it especially disturbing because it reflects a trend that is common among urban educated women from upper middle class families in India. Feminism is passe. Feminism is uncool. And mostly, it is Somebody Else’s Problem.

Originally linked by Bhupinder at Blog Bharti.


One Response to “Someone Else’s Problem”

  1. N said

    Thank you for linking to my post. Just a small correction though…it’s Noah’s Ark Broken. I think there’s a typo…

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