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Archive for March 28th, 2007

The Need for Decentralizaiton

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 28, 2007

Spencer Overton argues against the need for Black leadership in the blog

a Black “leader” may be the last thing we need.

I just read The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations, by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom. The premise of the book is that there are limitations to centralized, coercive, hierarchical organizations headed by a single leader. Decentralized, open groups are often more effective. The title contrasts a spider (chop off its head and it dies) with a starfish (chop it up and it multiplies into several starfish).

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Round Eyes

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 28, 2007

Jenn, of the blog Reappropriate, writes about erasing one’s ethnicty through plastic surgery:

It’s clear to me that any person of colour seeking to change their features to alter features associated with a particular ethnicity is trying to change their ethnic appearance. As an Asian/Asian American woman, trying to enlarge one’s eyes (whether one is successful or not) is just a manifestation of racial/ethnic self-hate.

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