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Posted by Jack Stephens on March 19, 2007

Renegade Eye reflects on the Orwell’s book Homage to Catalonia:

The issues of the Spanish Civil war politically, are still dealt with today. Should one advocate socialism while fighting for a nation? Do you align yourself with liberal bourgeousie? Do you take part in parliment? What is anarchism?

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Black and White Relationships

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 19, 2007

On the blog Rachel’s Tavern the author states:

My research is most concerned with how contemporary racism also called colorblind racism or laissez faire racism affects family approval of interracial relationships. However, we cannot understand how contemporary racism works without acknowledging the extent to which racism is interconnected with other forms of oppression. Multiracial feminist theorist Patricia Hill Collins refers to these complex connections as the matrix of domination. After interviewing couples it is evident that opposition to interracial marriage is not just about racism. The issues of gender and controlling Black women’s, White women’s, and Black men’s sexuality is ever present in the discourses that families use to oppose interracial relationships.

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Holding Whites Accountable

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 19, 2007

Yolanda (of the Blog and the Bullet and Primary Contradiction) blogs about whites in the anti-racist movement:

Anytime we try to hold white allies accountable for their actions, we take a huge risk. Whether that is the loss of a personal relationship, a smeared reputation, or simply the wrath of someone whose ego we have bruised, people of color in all strata of the left have an uphill battle in challenging white supremacy. Good people, you and I have seen and experienced many examples of white ally catastrophe.

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