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Oprah’s Academy

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 16, 2007

Anxious Black Woman posts her views on Opera’s new academy in South Africa on her blog Diary of an Anxious Black Woman:

I wept at the girls’ stories, I felt their glee and joyous expectations when they left their impoverished one-room shacks and moved into their luxurious dorm rooms at Oprah’s $40 million academy. Surely, this could only be a positive story however you spin it, right?

So, why was I bothered, not only at what was shown, but also what Oprah revealed later when she appeared on Ellen’s talk show to tell us behind-the-scenes stories, like what had transpired after the lavish Christmas party that she hosted for the first 154 pupils at her exclusive new girls academy?

Link originally from New Black Man.


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