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Posted by Jack Stephens on March 15, 2007

AradhanaD writes a movie review on 300 on her blog Leftist Looney Lunchbox:

The movie doesn’t even pretend to be anything but white supremacist, misogynist, islamophobic, ableist, or homophobic, in fact it prides itself on all these accounts. If we missed the homophobia at the beginning of the movie when King Leonidas briefly refers to Athenians as “Boy-loving philosophers”, we get it again ten-fold repeatedly throughout the movie.


2 Responses to “300”

  1. Nearly every review I’ve seen of 300 so far gives it a terrible rating, at least as far as the alternative press is concerned. I haven’t read any mainstream reviews yet, but I imagine that most film critics wouldn’t disagree about the general poor storytelling of the film.

  2. aradhanad said

    Y, it’s a shitty movie – and obvious, but – it’s number one at the box office. Even the man (evil incarnate) I went to see it with – LOVED it. Talked to about 2 other guys today who loved it too… We are up against SOO MUCH!

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