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Environmentalism and Corporate America

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 13, 2007

The author of Anti-Capitalism writes about the state of the environmental movement and their ties to corporate America:

Our movement desperately needs to undergo a process of renewal and reinvigoration. But as we rebuild our movement, we need to avoid a whole series of mistakes that have brought us to our current state of ineffectiveness and despair. Too many of us have allowed our analysis to be clouded by apocalyptic scenarios that foster fear and inaction. Too many of our discussions have been mired in debates, fueled by racism and pseudo-scientific “projections,” concerning the alleged “threat” posed by immigration to “affluent” countries. And too many of our most high profile activists and organizations have committed themselves, if not out of cynicism then out of naiveté, to a strategy that looks to corporations and their political representatives as sources of funding and potential converts to a “green agenda.”


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