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Hollywood and White Supremacy

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 9, 2007

Left Turn, on the blog Jo Swift, posts a blog about Hollywood’s use of imagery in propogating imperialism and white supremacy:

The Frontier myth is America’s secular creation narrative–the story of how the waves of the historical frontier experience simultaneously birthed and cleansed the nation.

In this way European culture was said to be stripped away by the challenges posed on and by the savage frontier; and then, in turn, through an ill-defined, nearly mystical, quasi-magical process of environmental determinism, America was born.

That is, as the inevitable result of this transformation, the prototypical American emerged–Natty Bumpoo, John Wayne, Indiana Jones, the Marlboro Man–take your pick.

Hollywood has played and continues to play an important role in this process for two reasons. First, movies serve as our most influential history teachers, reaching and swaying audiences that the professional historian cannot even dream of.

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