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Blog Against Sexism Day II

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 8, 2007

DieKs posts on her blog Dyksfunctional:

Sexism starts the nano-second a child is born, slapped on the ass and they scream out either it’s a “BOY!” or it’s a “GIRL!” Does anyone ask themself why blue is for boy and pink is for girl? If you put a baby boy in a pink blanket – why is that considered “feminizing”? Why is it a societies gut reaction of “OH NOs! Don’t do that!” It’s peice of cloth/knit fabric of color. How many millenniums of sexism does even one piece of fabric hold wrapped around a newborn child?

Anna, of Feminists Don’t Bake Bread, blogs:

To say that history as it’s taught right now in North America is somehow balanced to include women’s voices seems to me to be, at best, a naive comment and, at worst, a comment to how wilfully blind the person making it is to the way women’s voices are silenced in the historical narrative.

So, when is men’s history month?

As they say: The other 11 months of the year.

And that, my friends, is what sexism is.

Tracy, from the blog Unapologetically Female, states:

It is easy to assume that because we have some legal protections against the most overt types of discrimination and because vociferous hate of others is generally frowned upon in our society that oppression is a thing of the past. But laws and “politically correct” attitudes can not and do not change that fact that the groups of humans with (a)more power, (b)more money, (c) more numbers or more visibility, or (d)a history of more power, money, and visibility still have a lengthy list of automatic privileges that affect nearly every aspect of their lives.

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