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Blog Against Sexism Day I

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 8, 2007

Kevin, of Slant Truth, does a blog for Blog Against Sexism Day during International Women’s Day:

I decided to take this opportunity to highlight some of the women of color that have been influential in my thinking as a feminist ally. I limit it to three, although there are many more, simply because if I just kept going I would be at this for days and the end result would be more than anyone would want to read on a computer screen in a single setting.

Amanda Marcotte, of Pandagon, blogs:

I was a feminist from an early age because the stupid nature of sexism was so self-evident.

Girl Dectivie blogs:

The more insidious forms of sexism – like actually debating whether or not women can be scientists – are easy to miss, and a lot of discrimination and objectification either goes unnoticed or is disguised as innocent behavior (or, worse, valid discourse). In order to stamp out prejudice, we have to recognize it first. So, in the spirit of optimism and positivity, here’s a list of sexist things that I hate:

The Cat Lady, of Reverse Paranoia, blogs about feminist bloggers:

there is already a loyal, witty, superbright and fast-growing network of feminist blogs out there on the interweb, spilling the beans about the unvogue fact that feminism is alive and kickin’ and sexism, as it were, is a daily reality for all women, from the third world to the U.S. of A.

Blog Against Sexism Day was called upon by Vegan Kid.


One Response to “Blog Against Sexism Day I”

  1. Kevin said

    Hey, thanks for the link. I’m glad I found your blog. There’s a lot of good stuff going on around here.

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