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Archive for March 5th, 2007

Radical Views From Women of Color

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 5, 2007

lex posts a blog about a book she had re-read called This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color (which can be found here) on her blog kitchen table: women of color pressed for knowledge:

“I am a revolutionary feminist because I want me to be free. And it is critically important to me that you who are here, that your commitment to revolution is based on the fact that you want revolution for yourself.”

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People of Color in Cyberspace

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 5, 2007

Liza Sabater, a founding blogger and publisher of culturekitchen, blogs about the use of her name to smear fellow people of color and the marginalization of people of color on the Internet by mainstream liberal bloggers:

It is disheartening there is not more diversity in the mainstream liberal blogosphere. Look no further than Huffington Post.

But this is an issue that not only affects people in blogging about politics. It is also an issue that happens in the technology and business side of blogs as well.

Yet, just because more people of color are not part of the mainstream it doesn’t mean they are not doing it for themselves.

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