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Women of Color: The True Oppressors?

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 4, 2007

brownfemipower blogs about the white feminists attack on women of color when some white feminists say that women of color are siding with men and becoming “oppressors” of white women:

Women of color do not keep bringing up race to beat up poor defenseless white women. We bring race up because that is our lived experience. Because since the moment white people landed in this godforsaken country, WHITE WOMEN have been colluding with WHITE MEN to violate and subjugate women of color and our communities. WHITE WOMEN supported white men’s slaughter of “savages,” so they could have their “city on a hill.” WHITE WOMEN spoke not one word while their husband’s forcible impregnated black female slaves. WHITE WOMEN smiled for the cameras while holding onto the arms of their murdering white husbands, WHITE WOMEN watched, even participated with, white men who raped Native children at bordering schools. WHITE WOMEN screamed “NIGGER” at black children trying to go to school. WHITE WOMEN say they were “only” testing women of color who wanted to organize as feminists–will our loyalties be to white women or black men (see SUSAN BROWNMILLER)? WHITE WOMEN collude WHITE MEN when they tell us our burqas are a good reason to bomb us (see the FEMINIST MAJORITY). WHITE WOMEN tell us that “the world has never seen sex used this consciously, this cynically, this elaborately, this openly, this a means of destroying and whole people” when talking about white skinned women in Bosnia (see Catherine MacKinnon).


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