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Keep It On The DL

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 3, 2007

Ask This Black Woman posts a blog on Bono’s comment that “emasculation” is one of the leading causes for the spread of AIDs in the Black community:

“Emasculation” sounds like homophobia and scapegoating to me. Bono is blaming DL men for the HIV epidemic in the African-American community. It is becoming well known among HIV activists and educators that focusing on DL behavior actually misses the real and more risky behavior causing the epidemic. That behavior is promiscuous heterosexuality.

For more on DL men click here.


One Response to “Keep It On The DL”

  1. Here’s the comment that I posted to ATBW:

    “Emasculation” is a heterosexist concept. Its premise is that any situation where men are not in total control will weaken them. Keep in mind also that the group of men most stigmatized as HIV carriers in this culture are gay men; “real” men don’t get HIV. In other words, because Black men are emasculated they are not real men, and because they are not real men, they are getting HIV. Can you see how this notion would be homophobic?

    What’s even more offensive is that in this context, the person labeling African American men as emasculated is a wealthy famous white man. Now how does Bono know this? When did he become an expert on Black men in the United States, or Black men anywhere for that matter? What gives him the authority to speak to any man of color’s experience? He (presumably) was there in Oakland to observe and listen, not to make definitive pronouncements on a political reality he knows nothing about.

    By the way, why is the HIV/AIDS question focused on Black men’s masculinity at all? Why aren’t white male supremacy or capitalism on the table for examination? Why do we consistently ignore systemic power when we are tackling social problems like HIV?

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