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Inter-Ethnic Conflict

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 27, 2007

Rage raises interesting points on interracial dialogue in response to an article in Asian Week titled “Why I Hate Black People:”

If we really care to show that we believe in the strength and importance of the African American community, we should be advancing political and social agendas that embrace zero compromise on education reform that really focuses on making sure that the education gap for African American and other children disappears… And on the flip side, why is it that immigration is not a civil or human rights issue for the majority of the African American civil rights community? Why don’t they really touch the issue, really relegating it to the Latino and Asian communities? And why don’t we say how much we owe Latino communities for their fight against national origin and language discrimination in this country?

One Response to “Inter-Ethnic Conflict”

  1. Ricardo Rossi said

    I know how this may be taken, but I think we have completely lost our way in this whole PC control of thinking and utterances. When we can start tolerating getting honest and down there deep in the bone about subject matter….thats when we can get to the heart of racism, and learning about what people are thinking, as opposed to how we can control their expression.

    I would find it enticingly interesting to read what Asians dont like about “Black people”. Lord knows we havent spared them much in our prejudices. I would like to see a whole forum dedicated to hearing what bums people about this race or that. I would like to see it on CNN or Larry King instead of the current form of censure and legal battles that dont bring anything but suppression.

    I say it would be healthy and all races could learn from it. It seems we have placed ourselves in cloaks of judgement, programmed to defend, while we let the truth die on the vine of outrage. When we start engaging the beast and hear his cry, then we will know better how to remove the plank in his eye.

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