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Finally, A Genuine Apology

Posted by ritualground on February 26, 2007

In the post “Eureka!,”Sylvia at the The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum announces the shocking (to this writer) news that Rosie O’Donnell has finally issued a genuine apology for the racist “ching-chong” joke she made on The View last December. Sylvia on why this is significant:

If more people came forward with apologies like these — just as a first step because apologies aren’t enough to combat an entrenched system — but if more people simply took responsibility for their actions and how they affect others, a considerably better effort towards unlearning the frameworks of oppression would take place. Because the dialogues will have mistakes, and the intentions will get in the way of exposing how these relationships work and how they are impared — but if we can keep going to reach that end of stopping oppression in all its forms, there’s hope.

You can find Rosie’s full apology here.


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