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Archive for February 21st, 2007

Black and White

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 21, 2007

thefreeslave writes:

Whiteness blinds white as well as black. Siphoning out the internalized racism in me is like kneeling in the riverbed, sifting fossilized bones; internal ‘Ism’ is revealed over time, through careful observation of my behavior, reflected in other folk’s mirrors. Willingness to see is crucial it seems to me. The stink bomb, the learned self-hate, the intellectual cataracts that obscure truth, cause me to move away from ‘my root.’ This can prove fatal.

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English Only

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 21, 2007

Eddie Joe, on his myspace blog, gives us his opinion on Kansas considering a law of “English only:”

language is an integral part of ones culture. much is lost when the language is gone. you try to take the soul of a man if you take his language. maybe that is what some are after. you can subjugate a people faster if you have them thinking and speaking the way you want.

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Response to a Post

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 21, 2007

Fire Witch responds to a comment earlier on her blog about a blog on the University of Illinois masscott:

Whiteboys always try to position themselves as the victims of racism whenever they are called on their white supremacist bullshit.

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Malcolm X

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 21, 2007

Yolanda blogs about Malcolm X on the 42nd anniversary of his assassination:

Malcolm’s writings, especially his Autobiography, have had a profound impact on me and my understanding of oppression. For me, no one has ever articulated the psychic harm of white male supremacy better than the man who was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska.

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