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The Myth of “Equality” Feminists

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 13, 2007

On the blog Jessica blogs about conservative women whom call themselves feminists:

I just lurve women that call themselves things like “equality feminists.” Or “conservative feminists.” These are ladies who doth protest a bit too much about how they trust and respect women—all while bashing the hell out of them. (Or as the ever-brilliant Ms. Marcotte said recently, “’equality feminists’ are for equality if you think ‘equality’ is synonymous with ‘looks good with the boot on her neck.’”)

One Response to “The Myth of “Equality” Feminists”

  1. hazmat said

    Even more than all of the smokescreens that feminism really is, I love people in general who refuse to redefine rape–a crime of and about control, power, and deviance–and the culture it creates–by rethinking females as perpetrators of rape–primarily on children.Even though we like to scapegoat grown men who become this way, imagine the gyno-terrorists that raise them;-)
    Mother knows best…now go get my thermometer.

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