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Black Leaders

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 13, 2007

The Angry Black Woman writes:

The more I look around today, the more I feel that the men (and it is always men) being presented to us as black leaders or that the media claims are black leaders do not really qualify as such.

One Response to “Black Leaders”

  1. Kristin said

    What, then, would be an acceptable black leader? Would it be someone who recognizes the needs of 21st Centruy America? Would it be a leader who can create a role model and pride in the black community? Whould it be a leader who, if given power, choose to use it for the better of all Americans- black, white, yellow, red, brown??
    Or, would it be a single minded leader whose only interes is in isolation and focusing only on the ineqalities of the past…leading from a persective of anger?

    There are MANY outstanding black leaders today and their ranks are growing. But the black community needs to work from within to promote a positive cultural self i.e.- improved focus on education, 2 parent families, education, a rejection og the hip-hop drug culture as being someting to idolize, EDUCATION, promoting strong ethics and values, EDUCATION, pride in self and elimination of a culture of hate against 21st Century whie America.

    I see your complaints…but I don’t see any constructive suggestion for improvement.

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