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Words to Black Women

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 11, 2007

Ann, who does the blog Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters, writes to her fellow Black women:

first, and foremost, black women must confront the demons of our past history in America at the hands of white men’s mistreatment of our foremothers.

Because of this continued devaluation of black women by white men, the legacy of this mythological lie was to be detrimental to black women in so many ways on so many levels. Even unto this day, black women are still looked upon as less than women, as less than being in need of having doors opened for us, as less than in need of having a shoulder to cry on, as less than in need of emotional support and succor, treated as if we have no human feelings, hearts, spirits or minds.

One Response to “Words to Black Women”

  1. Ann said

    I turned on my computer this evening, and checked on my blog, and what do you know?

    I found a delightful surprise when you, Jack, “pinged”/”track-backed” [I guess that’s what it’s called] my post on “Words of Encouragement”.

    Thanks so much for alerting everyone who reads your blog about my post.
    I am going to visit around your blog and read your posts.
    Thanks for the nod of recognition.

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