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Damn ABCs!

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 8, 2007

Alex, from the Chinese-American hardcore band Say Bok Gwai (Damn White Devil), responds to an e-mail by a young Hong Kong youth who had seen a show done by the band in Hong Kong and had called the band “yellow on the outside, white on the inside.”

Growing up in America, it is very easy to lose all of your ethnic background if you don’t try to hold on to it. It is very easy to be another white American as I have seen very much in my life with Chinese, Filipinos and Japanese people in America.

And a blog is a blog is a blog, and Myspace (and Live Journal) blogs count as well.

One Response to “Damn ABCs!”

  1. Kristin said

    I am responding to the comments regarding loosing your ethnic background growing up in America.
    All cultural backgrounds are to be celebrated living in America. The ability to aknowlede our heritage is a freedome we enjoy living here. However, it it nothing to be ashamed of to be American of any National decent. Even “white Americans” really are Americans of English, Irish, Polish….etc decent.
    This is the 21st centry. People continue to flock to America for all the opportunites this coutry has to offer. America…the country of choice, as a home….deserves the respect of finding unity in being American.
    To celebrate being an American is not to disown or disrespect where we ALL came from. Other than native Americans we are all immigrants. We need a common language and commonalities as American people to bond and move forward with common purpose.
    To be a better America in the 21st Century we need to aknowledge our cultural diversity but loose the racist chip on our shoulder.

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