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The Hijacking of Chávez

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 7, 2007

XicanoPwr, of Para Justicia y Libertad, attacks the right’s use of Cesar Chavez in rallying support for oppossing undocumented workers. In this post the author writes:

Today, we are the guardians of his legacy, it is up to us to honor César Chávez to protect and enhance the future of today and tomorrow’s immigrants. Discredit him, it is us who will harm the future of the Latino community and will provide the opportunities for others to keep our people down or gain power at Chávez’s expense. César told Matthiessen that the reactionaries were always better organizers. “The right has a lot of discipline that the left lacks. The left always dilutes itself. Instead of merging to go after the common enemy, the left splinters, and the splinters go after one another. Meanwhile, the right keeps after its objective, pounding away, pounding away.” It is true today as it was true back then.


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