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Dog Eaters and Mass Media

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 4, 2007

Jenn, a native born Canadian of Chinese descent, writes about the stereotype of dog-eating.  Her blog is Reappropriate:

I’m really sick of American entertainment constantly harping on the dog-eating stereotype. Even though I’m not a native-born Chinese, I feel insulted because Chinese culture is a lot more in-depth and complex than the differences between our cuisine and American cuisine. And besides, characterizing Chinese culture as nothing but a bunch of weird, amoral dog-eaters isn’t more than a step or two removed from nineteenth century depictions of Chinese as barbaric rat-eaters[…]


3 Responses to “Dog Eaters and Mass Media”

  1. Y. Carrington said

    The dog-eater meme once again. Along with the sneaky “illegal,” the welfare mom, and the terrorist. Will white entertainment ever get tired?

    If only white supremacy could keep its bloody hands and spoiled brains off of global humanity. If only.

  2. “Will white entertainment ever get tired?”

    Man, tell me about it. This obsession with Asians (or as they would call them “Orientals”) being dog eaters is getting really tired and really old. Frank H. Wu devoted a whole chapter to dog eating in his book Yellow and has a good refutation of the whole thing. Jenn has a great quote when she says that this “isn’t mroe than a step or two removed from nineteenth century depictions of Chinese as barbaric rat-eaters.”

  3. Here in Singapore, Filipinos (as well as Indonesians) are still stereotyped as maids, as the bulk work as such. Locals and even other “foreign talents” will quickly identify one as such without even asking.

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