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A Pinay Speaks Out

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 4, 2007

Krishtine de Leon, a journalist and member of the Bay Area rap group Rhapsodistas, writes (in the post titled “I’m From the Hood”) about her experiences with the MTV Reality show “I’m From Rolling Stone” in her blog Guerilla Busfare:

The millions of MTV viewers are also confused about what category to place the vivacious young Filipina in, when it comes to being a representative of her mysterious background. In previous history, the only asians prevalent on MTV were puny, emasculated, import-racing men, sexed-out Lucy Liu wannabees all-too-eager to please, and their Caucasion significant others who swear they are happy with their Asian lover’s epicampal fold, but wouldn’t object against breast and butt augmentation.


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