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Women of Color and the Movement

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 3, 2007

brownfemipower asks, and answers, some important questions on the women of color movement on her blog Women of Color Blog, especially regarding Wafa Idris, the first Palestinian suicide bomber. She writes:

And it seems that asking this questions has really allowed some very productive, but at the same time, very painful examinations to occur. What women, exactly, are we refering to when we say “women of color”? Do we mean “good” women of color who are working hard but despite their best efforts, unable to move out from under oppressive racist power structures? Do we mean “good” mothers who don’t yell too loud and wouldn’t dream of getting high in front of their kids? Do we mean “good” daughters who go to college and try to represent our race well?

Or are we talking about those women of color who are marginalized even within our own communities? Disabled women? Drug users? Teens who are pregnant, again? Suicide bombers?


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