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Black Face

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 2, 2007

Carmen Van Kerchove, on the blog Racialisious, writes:

I’m with Philip on this. These pictures make me want to vomit. As if the head-to-toe blackface wasn’t enough, some girl had to stuff the seat of her pants to give herself an exaggerated butt?

She’s writing about the controversy over a “Gangsta Party” held by a bunch of white students on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day at Clemson University.

2 Responses to “Black Face”

  1. racism is totally disgusting…..
    Read more about the African American experience at

  2. Anon said

    Have you seen this?

    “A company that provides translation services and cultural sensitivity training to other organizations is being accused of sex discrimination and racial insensitivity in its own ranks.”

    “To bolster her discrimination complaint with the state, Kelly included photos allegedly showing the company’s top two human resources executives dressed up for the 2005 corporate Halloween party as a black pimp and a white prostitute. The “pimp,” a white woman wearing blackface and sporting a fake gold tooth, won the prize for best costume, the complaint said.”

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